08 April 2013

A&MP ♥ [Art & Music Project] [English]

Divenire © 6th April 2013 by L.dT

[A&MP] Art & Music Project ♥ --> [German]
As previously announced here is Project Idea and Challenge for you!

Once in a month (?) I'll post you 1-2 songs.
The songs can be asian songs, old ones but as well as songs which you can currently find in the charts (depending on what I currently listen to 8D).
The music style can vary from Pop to Classic!
I'll try to give you following materials to work with;
1) Melody/pure Acoustiv or Audioversions
2) (a part of) the Lyrics, (with translation if it's not English)
3)  the MV, if available or a picture
[4) more Information]

Your Task and challenge is simply to illustrate a picture to the given song.

I don't care whether you will scribble something, colour it, do it traditionally, digitally, mangastyle or oil painting :)
And you have to draw what you FEEL and IMAGINE through the song itself! You're not bound to the songtext! :)

AIM of this project is to let out the creativity and Inspiration you'll get through Music, the art of the air. And maybe you can get to know new songs, learn old songs anew by bringing your imaginations to the canvas.

You can set the difficulty level for yourself. Do you want to try creating with only using the first Material (Melody)? Do you maybe need only the first two materials ?
Or try to do a new picture each time after adding a material and get to know the real song better? I wanna see how your picture changes while listening and understanding more and more compared to the first impression !

Now about the real Project!
I would like to collect your results on this blog and maybe also on facebook if many people participate. (Of course you can tell me if you don't wish to be published on Facebook :) ) I'll just want to keep you on track through the page!

Send me your pictures and also step by steps if available on dA, animexx or facebook or even e-mail: l.unart@yahoo.com
If there are many participants I'll create a video with the representative song as BG Music and include the best entries. If there's only an average amount of entries I'll make a collage out of it.
The end result will be done maybe somewhen to the end of the year so you've got plenty of time ! ^^

If you feel like participating right now you can try to challenge yourself with this song before the first challenge will come up !

"Divenire" - Ludovico Einaudi
(4) Divenire (ital. = werden / verändern)

Something from the Genre of Classic Music, so it's a bit difficult, you can see my result in the beginning of this post.

Challenge accepted ?! :D

L.unarT ♥

P.S: You can follow me on twitter @LunarTimes or facebook to stay updated on the challenges! :)

A&MP ♥ [Art & Music Project] [German]

Divenire © 6th April 2013 by L.dT

[A&MP] Art & Music Project ♥ ---> [English]
Wie bereits angekündigt: meine Projektidee bzw. Challenge!
Einmal im Monat (?) stelle ich euch ca. 1- 2 verschiedene Songs vor.
Es kann Musik aus Asien oder was hierzulande eventuell läuft sein (abhängig davon was ich so höre 8D) und Stilrichtung kann von Pop bis Klassik variieren.
Dabei v e r s u c h e ich euch folgendes als MATERIAL zur Verfügung zu stellen:
1) Melodie/reine Akustik bzw. Audioversion
2) (einen Teil der) Lyrics, evt. mit Übersetzung
3) das MV, falls vorhanden oder ein Bild
[4) Info]

Eure Aufgabe ist ganz simpel was zu eines oder auch allen der Lieder zu illustrieren!
Dabei ist es mir egal ob ihr es skizziert, nur linet oder komplett bunt macht, traditionell oder digital, sowie ob es mangastil ist oder nicht! :)
Ihr müsst euch auch in keinster weise am Liedtext halten!

ZIEL des Ganzen ist ein wenig Kreativität und Inspiration aus Liedern zu schöpfen, neue kennen zu lernen, eventuell alte Lieder neu entdecken, (da ich auch viele alte Songs höre) und rein aus Gefühl heraus das Lied auf Papier zu bringen.
Die Schwierigkeit der Herausforderung könnt ihr euch selbst setzen. Fällt euch bereits was nur durch Material 1 (Melodie) ein? oder erst mit 2 (Lyrics) ? Oder durch 3 (MV) ?
Oder versucht ihr euch an allem und zeichnet pro Erweiterung des Materials das Bild mit neuen Impressionen und zeigt mir wie sich das Bild Schritt zu Schritt verändert? :D Stimmt das was ihr euch vorstellt, mit dem was das Lied aussagen will nachdem ihr euch im nachhinein die Lyrics anguckt?

Und jetzt zum eigentlichen Projekt!
Ich möchte gerne, das, was ihr kreiert gerne sammeln und alles zusammen auf diesem Blog hochstellen bzw. wenn genug mitmachen eine extra FB-Seite dafür aufmachen!
Macht ruhig auch WIPs von euren Bildern und schickt sie mir hier oder postet sie mir auf die PW bei FB/Animexx/dA :3 Mich würde interessieren was ihr euch im Bearbeitungsprozess so denkt oder ihr voran kommt haha :D
Bei vielen Teilnehmern werde ich die schönsten Bilder zu einem Video mit zugehörigem Lied zusammenstellen :D (Irgendwann gegen Ende des Jahres, d.h. ihr habt Zeit bis...noch sehr lange ! xD)
Bei wenigen dann evt. eine Collage.
Wenn gar niemand möchte dann poste ich so oder so mein Ergebnis auf meiner KS xDD

Also wer jetzt schon Lust hat kann schonmal hiermit starten ansonsten kommt demnächst die erste Aufgabe:

"Divenire" - Ludovico Einaudi
(4) Divenire (ital. = werden / verändern)

Gleich etwas aus dem klassischen Bereich und vll etwas schwierig :D
Mein Ergebnis seht ihr am Anfang des Posts ^^

Was sagt ihr ? :) Facebookseite dazu oder reicht erstmal Blog ? :)
Challenge accepted ?! :D

L.unarT ♥

P.S: Folgt mir auf Twitter @LunarTimes oder Facebook für Updates :3

07 March 2013

Sapphire [Sailor Moon]

Sapphire [Sailor Moon] © 28th Feb'2013 art by LdT
© character of Takeuchi Naoko
  • Time:  1hour 
  • Medium: Wacom Bamboo Fun, Paint Tool Sai (Colo) + PS Elements 7 (Lines)
  • Size: 482x485
  • Like: the character (I like his anime-version not the manga-version //D)
  • Dislike: messed up a lot but ... it's a scribble after all :3
I decided to do a Sailor Moon project a while ago but I somehow got stopped when I saw the currently held SailorMoon Project featured with many facebook artists. So instead of doing a set of ACEOs I decided to do coloured rough scribbles like these instead since I'm way faster like this :3

When I started to rewatch the anime I noticed that I have never really been reading the Manga so that's what I'm doing right now :) When I came to the chapter with Sapphire I was actually really disappointed since in my memories he was a very cool character //D So I drew this scribble based on the anime  ♥

I feel kinda old while watching Sailor Moon, seeing how many times have already passed ///D
This is my 3rd FanarT of a SM character. Funny, since SM is actually one of the first Animes and reasons why I started drawing >//<

Hope you like it ♥


28 February 2013

San [Princess Mononoke]

San [Princess Mononoke] © 28th Feb'2013 art by LdT
© character of Ghibli Studios' Princess Mononoke

  • Time:  3 hours
  • Medium: Wacom Bamboo Fun, Paint Tool Sai (Colo) + PS Elements 7 (Lines)
  • Size: 1200x1252
  • Like: the rough lines and colo //D
  • Dislike: those failed red stripes

Cause I don't have much traditional media with me right now and because I can't upload any new artworks or WiPs on my fb page I was suggested to draw San from Princess Mononoke when I asked what I could make a little scribble of.
So here she is the young woman who grew up with wolves ♥ :3

Even though it's not my favourite movie but I generally love Ghibli movies ♥ *^*

Since my PT SAI doesn't work again (detects no pen pressure from my GT...), I had to switch between Photoshop (Elements 7.0 OTL) for the lines >__> and SAI for the coloration without any pen pressure D:
Good thing it's only a scribble, so I only coloured it roughly lol

Hope you like it though :3


P.S.: You can download the full picture on my deviantart if you like ;) http://fav.me/d5wfoa3

16 February 2013

An [OC]

 AN © 16th February 2013 by L.dT

  • Time: 5 hours + ? I worked on two days on this pic //D 
  • Program: Paint Tool Sai + PS CS6 at the end
  • Size: 1280x1024 
  • Like: ..his neccklace xD
  • Dislike: That yellow it-should-be-fur-thing xD

Seems like I'm working digitally a lot lately xD
I hope I'm improving at least //D

This is a thank you pic for the 300 likes on my facebook artist page so far :3
If you like you can check my page out here: http://facebook.com/Lunartimes

While drawing I had the urge to name him so I decided to use a Vietnamese name this time cause I have never done that before and I somehow just felt like it.

I like making up clothes but I always fail in turning it as I imagined onto my drawings lol
Hope you still like it though

L.unarT ♥

22 January 2013

Caffeine - Yang Yoseop ♥

Dedicated to Y. Yoseop & all B2UTYs ♥

Caffeine - Yang Yoseop © 22nd January 2013 by L.dT
  • Time: ...
  • Program: Photoshop CS6
  • Size: A6, 1240x1748 px
  • Like: My absolute Bias of BEAST ♥ :D
  • Dislike: The shoes lol
Somehow I felt like drawing Yoseop but since the other picture would take too long, I decided to do a Chibi Version of him instead ... which ended up taking too long as well T^T 
Anyways I planned to do some Kpop Chibis for a long time now, so of course my absolute Bias of BEAST breaks the first ground and you can be sure there are more coming up next ! :3

I worked on this late at night but since he's like my Caffein I couldn't go to sleep until I finished this picture lol
My fave songs with Yoseob are: On rainy days, Thanks to, I remember and Mom :3

I was really flashed when I heard that he will release a solo album *^* Have you listened to it yet ? I sincerely am amazed with his angelic voice ! ♥ I don't care about his cutey-boy image despite his age but his voice is just awesome *Q* 
Still, I can't get used to his name romanized being with a P at the end lol.
Oppa fighting ! ♥ BEAST fighting ! *\(^o^)/*  *fangirling* 

Who is your Bias and if you'd like to see him/her drawn by me just drop me a message or vote under this link :D ♥ http://goo.gl/0pLhF


P.S.: Since this picture is dedicated to all Yoseob lovers / Yeobos you can download or share it anywhere you like but I would ask you to give me the full credits as the owner and link back to my artblog or my facebook page ! Kamsahamnida ! ♥ :3

13 January 2013

Before sleeping...[OC]

Before Sleeping...© 13th January 2013 by LdT
  • Time: about 3 hours
  • Medium: Copic Marker, Normal Copy Paper 70g/m² (added glitter glue but didn't make a scan of it ^^)
  • Size: square, between A5 and A6
  • Like: The pastel colours and the big Book of Stars ♥
  • Dislike: The crappy stars on the curtain...

My OC Akemi is always reading a book or do some research on stars since she loves them so much. Guarded by her two cute plushies when suddenly someone is disrupting her and came into her room :3
Who might that be ?

The puppy is actually mine which my Aunt gave me as a present from Vietnam ♥ *^* It's verryyyy cuddly !!
And also I drew the Poncho because I just got one for myself when I went shopping with a friend a while ago :D I usually don't wear Ponchos but since it was very comfortable I thought Akemi might like comfotable clothes xD

L.unarT ♥

P.S.: Just found a photo that I made after adding the glue glitter thingie xD

11 January 2013

Hey, hey you! Happy Birthday ! [Fanart]

This picture was drawn rapidly for Withy's cool Birthday event where she asked to draw a picture for her friend Daniel :) Since I always wanted to draw Link this was somehow the perfect occasion to do so.
Even though I didn't plan to draw Link of the Windwaker Series lol.. Navi is playing the candle light :D

Hey, hey you! Happy Birthday ! ©  11th January 2013 by LdT
  • Time: Within one hour x__x
  • Medium: Copic Marker, Normal Copy Paper 70g/m²
  • Size: Something between A5 and A6
  • Dedication: Daniel, Withy's friend :D
  • Like: Link ! xD Navi's glow/sparkle effect
  • Dislike: Navi..okay but that has nothing to do with the picture xD I always thought that Navi is pretty annoying rather than helpful lol

I tried to color it like the game style of Windwaker. It was somehow nice to reduce the shadows, blending & coloring effects and it was somehow like traditional cell shading haha Even though I messed up with coloring it's still okay, isn't it ? xD

Happy Birthday once again to the Birthday boy ! :)


05 December 2012

#015 Ura Maki

The surprise ACEO for Bluechild :3

Ura Maki © 05th December 2012 by LdT

  • Time: ???
  • Medium: Copic Marker, Normal Copy Paper 70g/m², Polychromos, Nail polish glitter :D
  • Size: ACEO
  • Dedication: Bluechild
  • Like: The colours and brightness of this ACEO :3
  • Dislike: The crappy lines >.< So sorry for that !

Maki is the young girl and the cousin of Nori ♥ Ura is her pet tortoise hehe :D
For those of you who know Nori & Sir Sushi, try to google for Ura Maki 8D
Hope you like this card as I do xD
While drawing this I missed home and the fesh sea breeze a bit lol 
Crabs, crabs, crabs ~

L.unarT ♥

02 December 2012

Blue's Fate [OC]

My lovely OC Blue with a cornflower ♥

Blue's Fate  © 2nd December 2012 by LdT

  • Drawn for my BLUE PROJECT +Raffle --> Click HERE !
  • Time: About 2 days during my livestream x__x 
  • Medium/Material: GT Wacom Bamboo Fun Pen&Touch S
  • Program:  PT SAI (for the skin), Adobe Photoshop CS 6 (Lines, and everything else)
  • Like: Her hair and eyes :3 And the skin colour even though I bet you can't see the color differences ?
  • Dislike: That it turned so dark after saving...or rather like her top turned out too bright ^^'
I guess this one can be considered my best digital artwork so far ? :3
I put a lot of effort into the hair T^T but I'm satisfied with the result even though I needed wayyy too long to finish it. But I supose this is how it always is if you're a noob with digital arts ? Other people might have done it within a few minutes while I was siting on tem for hours //D
Btw, I put the stars one for one onto the picture...

This is how Blue's clothes look like even though you can't see the pendant since she's got her arm in front of it :) This is her business clothes so she does have different casual clothes and different earrings too :3

Wishing everyone a very happy and cozy 1st Advent ^^
And thanks for all the likes an Facebook ! Seems like you really like this picture ♥ xD